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Lancaster Soap Company

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Offering over 50 fragrances of our tantalizing high quality natural soaps! 


All Lancaster Soap Company soaps are completely handcrafted using high quality vegetable oils. You will feel the difference in our handmade soaps. From rich, smooth lather to captivating fragrances, our distinctive soaps are truly a pleasure to use.


I've been making handcrafted soap for over 15 years.    

Whim & Fancy



Hello, my name is Jessica Lancaster. I graduated in spring 2010, at age 17. I come from a family of entrepreneurs, my sister, parents, aunt, uncle,

and grandma have all had at least one business of some sort.


I was inspired by my Great-Grandma Caroline's embroidery, and taught

myself to embroider at a young age. I continue to use her patterns and style.


It was through my love of fabrics I started making hotpads. My Grandma

taught me about quilting, and because of that I'm able to make the hotpads.


I chose the name Whim and Fancy because

I wanted to be able to make whatever I'm feeling passionate about.